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From StarfinderWiki
Type Outsider
(extraplanar, inevitable, lawful)
CR 10
Environment Any (Axis)

Source: Alien Archive, pg(s). 66-67

Anhamuts are a relatively new type of inevitable that protects the exploration of the universe, guarding against those who would destroy Drift beacons or attack explorers.[1]


An anhamut is a humanoid-shaped robot composed of millions of nearly microscopic nanites, which can be divided into a swarm of individual nanites. In its assembled form, an anhamut wields a blade made of its own nanites.[1]


Shortly after Triune gave the secrets of Drift travel to mortal races, the axiomites received another mysterious message containing the design of anhamuts, a new type of inevitable. The being that revealed these blueprints to the axiomites still remains a mystery: many scholars suspect Triune itself, but there's no concrete evidence for this.[1]


The central tenet of anhamut programming is that order is brought to the chaotic cosmos by exploration and mapping. Anhamuts protect the hyperspace beacons that make Drift travel possible, and sometimes aid adventurers who have discovered a new planet or alien race in returning home to report this information. Compared to other types of inevitables, anhamuts are slightly more subtle.[1]

Anhamuts are unconcerned with the colonisation of newly discovered worlds after they have been charted; on the other hand, they might protect a civilisation on the verge of spaceflight from conquest by stronger foes.[1]

Despite their area of protection, anhamuts prefer to encourage mortals to explore and map the universe, rarely doing that work by themselves. Those that do, called Edgeseekers, rarely interact with mortals when writing down their notes about planets.[1]

Anhamuts are willing to gather non-inevitable allies, and they have absorbed and recorded in Axis information about numerous cultures in their travels. With this knowledge, anhamuts make excellent diplomats and some of them have maintained ties to large groups of allies, like the Starfinder Society, for a long time. Triune's priests treat them as heralds of their god and openly court their aid. Keeping secret the existence of a world or a secure facility, no matter how good the intention is, might make one their foe, and similar-minded infiltrators sometimes recruit anhamuts as allies.[1]