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Titles The Battlefield
Type Planet
Adjective Akitonian
Diameter 0.5x
Mass 0.0833x
Gravity 0.333x
Atmosphere Thin
Year length (PST) 2 years
Day length (PST) 24 hours 40 minutes
Orbits Sun
System Pact Worlds system
Inhabitants Ysoki, Contemplatives, Ikeshtis, Shobhads
Images of Akiton

Source: Pact Worlds, pg(s). 48–57
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Akiton is a planet in the Pact Worlds system. It is the third planet out from the sun (or the fourth, counting missing Golarion, or Absalom Station as a full member of the Pact Worlds). It is also referred to as the Red Planet, due to the red-orange color of its iron-rich soil.[1][2]

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A city on Akiton.

Akiton once had extensive starship fuel and mining industries, but the market for them was hurt by the advent of faster-than-light travel.[2]



Paizo published a major article on Akiton in Pact Worlds, including a map of the planet's surface.