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Type Aberration
CR 1
Environment Any

Source: Incident at Absalom Station, pg(s). 55
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Akatas are animalistic predators from the Dark Tapestry who reproduce by planting their larvae inside unwilling humanoid hosts.[1]


A typical akata stands 3-1/2 feet tall and weighs 400 pounds.[1]


Akatas make their homes in asteroids, comets and dying planets. They do not need to breathe and are capable of hibernating in cocoons made of noqual for centuries, waiting for their colony to approach a celestial body capable of supporting life, at which point they awake and search out suitable hosts to implant their microscopic young in. The young infect the host with a disease called void death; when the host dies, the strongest larva infects the brain, causing the host to rise as an undead void zombie before the akata matures.[1][2]

Akatas are particularly vulnerable to salt water.[1]