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Aeon Guard

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Aeon Guard
Type Military
Alignment Lawful evil
Headquarters New Thespera
Goals Protect and expand the Azlanti Star Empire
Quell rebellions
Scope Multi-system (Azlanti Star Empire)
Members Azlanti humans

Source: Alien Archive, pg(s). 6

The Aeon Guard serve as the elite infantry of the Azlanti Star Empire.[1]


Only Azlanti humans of exceptional physical and mental ability are accepted into the ranks of the Aeon Guard. Membership is for life and lasts until death in service to the Star Empire; resignations are not accepted. Senior Aeon Guards are sometimes granted an extended leave from service by high-ranking nobles and officials, but they are still considered part of the Aeon Guard and can be reactivated at any time if their skill is required again.[1][2]


Prospective members of the Aeon Guard begin training from adolescence in war academies on New Thespera, where their loyalty to the Star Empire is forged. Washed out students return to their families in disgrace, while distinguished ones are put on a short term of duty under the command of a lieutenant. These cadets learn combat experience in light skirmishes or as scouts for non-critical missions; after less than a year, they graduate and become full Aeon Guards. All Aeon Guards must swear an oath of loyalty to the Aeon Throne and the Star Imperator.[3][2]


The Aeon Guard serve as marines aboard the Imperial Fleet starships, quell dissent and rebellions, protect the empire and launch invasions to conquer more territory.[1]


Aeon Guard soldiers and officers are issued standard Aeon Guard battle dress, while specialists use a SpecOps armour, a lighter version. All of them can house aeon stones, which provide their abilities to the wearer as if they were orbiting their head.[1]

Aeon Guard armour is heavily stylised, with a blank full mask which makes it impossible to distinguish between specific soldiers. This serves to both intimidate the enemy and make it difficult for individual Aeon Guards to form personal attachments with comrades.[1]

All Aeon Guard weapons are exclusively manufactured by the Star Empire government for sole use by the Aeon Guard. The AG assault rifle is the standard issue for soldiers; others include the AG accelerator rifle and the AG rocket propelled–projectile rifle. Some AG weapons can be enhanced with aeon stones, allowing them to be charged up for a limited amount of shots per day.[1][4]

Civilians of the Azlanti Star Empire are forbidden from possessing Aeon Guard weapons or armour, on pain of death. Before their graduation, Aeon Guard cadets are issued simple imperial pacification rifles and ceremonial plate, without the face-covering mask.[1][5]