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Symbol of AbadarCorp
Type Massive faith-based corporation
Leader CEO and Executive Archdirector Gevrant Iseki-Okaibo
Headquarters Golden Vault, Absalom Station
Goals Spreading civilization,
Fostering free trade,
Accumulating profit
Scope Pact Worlds system
Structure Corporation
Images of AbadarCorp

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 473

AbadarCorp is a conglomerate corporation run by Abadar, god of civilization, trade, and wealth. It is easily the largest and most dominant corporation of the Pact Worlds.[1]


AbadarCorp's headquarters are at the Golden Vault on Absalom Station, a huge cathedral and bank with the corporation's lighted logo 10 stories tall along its side. The Vault hosts free educational courses in finance and provides public services for loans, placing merchandise in its retail outlets, and blessing contracts. The corporation also sponsors and provides security for the station's Freemarkets in its Ring district.[1]


AbadarCorp was instrumental in establishing the credit as the common unit of currency in the Pact Worlds system, and it controversially also serves as the Pact Worlds' financial regulatory arm and banking facilitator.[1]


In addition to employing many full-time workers across many fields for its own manufacturing, finance, and retail operations, AbadarCorp also provides staffing, shipping, legal, and utility services throughout the Pact Worlds, and hires freelancers (including adventurers) for more specialized or expendable contract work.[1]


When an inhabitant of the Pact Worlds systems buys a product — any product — there's an excellent chance it was produced by AbadarCorp or one of its subsidiares,[1] such as the starship manufacturers ATech.[2]

While a dominant force in scale, AbadarCorp products are not always superior in quality.[1]


AbadarCorp manufactures and sells weapons, and is a leading supplier of arms to the Stewards, a role they consider part of their holy mission of helping to secure and foster civilization.[1]


Philt, a shirren representative of AbadarCorp, wears the corporation's signature travel suit.

AbadarCorp is the leading retailer of products in the Pact Worlds, whether those products were made by AbadarCorp or one of its competitors. Many products are sold through AbadarCorp-run hypermarkets.[1]


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  • Security robots: AbadarCorp produces the security robots that patrol Absalom Station. Some employees note that the best-equipped robots patrol only the station's wealthiest neighborhoods, but the corporation's management is committed to its market projections for necessary security.[3]
  • Travel suits: AbadarCorp executives wear business suits with integrated armor and concealed rebreathers, making them effective (if liimited) protection in hostile environments. More expensive labels offer more protection and signature designs.[4]


AbadarCorp sponsors exploration and environmental modification projects, including the cooperative development of Jedarat, a lifeless world in the Vose 303 system, with the Xenowardens and New Horizon Luxury Retreats.[5]

The corporation also sponsors colonization through financial aid for colony ships, supplies, prefabricated buildings, and AbadarCorp retail franchises.[1]

Church of Abadar

In addition to their commercial functions, all corporate offices, factories, shops, and trading posts are also temples of Abadar.[1] They maintain a set of common architectural touches, such as solid, pragmatic, secure construction, rich ornamentation, and yellow-tinted translucent-ceramic windows.[6]

Most of its employees are secular, but AbadarCorp's executive and corporate officers are priests of Abadar, with its chief executive officer also serving as the church's executive archdirector. Planets and major operations are led by archdirectors who also sit on the corporation's board of directors. Directors and managers are also often priests of Abadar.[1]