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Titles The Ashen Asteroid
Type Asteroid
Diameter 5 milesx
Mass less than 1/100x
Gravity 1/100x
Atmosphere None
Year length (PST) 4 days
Day length (PST) 27 hours
Orbits Sun
System Pact Worlds system

Source: Enter the Ashen Asteroid, pg(s). 3

AA-126D, the Ashen Asteroid, known to its departed duergar inhabitants as the Solarian Stone, is an asteroid in the Diaspora, home to an abandoned duergar complex, where cutting edge research of unremitting vileness was once conducted.[1]


AA-126D is rich in mineral deposits, covered in a jagged crust. The Solarian Stone facility is located 500 feet under its jagged crust, within the asteroid's molten core, accessible via an artificial tunnel carved with the symbols of the duergar's patron Droskar.[1]


By the end of the Gap, the Solarian Stone was inhabited by dozens of duergar and their trox slaves, and filled with technology stolen from dwarves. As memories of this facility were erased by the Gap, the duergar waylaid nearby starships and experimented with the technology, which could channel photon and graviton forces like a solarian, developing experimental augmentations intended for war.[1]

In 40 AR, the duergar's trox slaves rose in rebellion and nearly succeeded in overthrowing their master. The next year, the dwarven spy Avaldur Rhols infiltrated the Solarian Stone, sabotaged its systems with a virus and instigated another uprising. Although the duergar captured Avaldur and put down this second rebellion, their activities could no longer be concealed from the newly-founded Pact Worlds government. The duergar transformed the trox into cybernetic zombies, salvaged part of the Solarian Stone and destroyed others, before fleeing the Golarion system altogether.[1]

Recently, AA-126D was discovered by dwarven firm Ulrikka Clanholdings. Despite their disgust at the blasphemous symbols of Droskar, they nonetheless followed their agreement with the Starfinder Society, which grants the Society the right to survey any archaeological sites so long as any materials of dwarven significance were presented to the Clanholdings.[1]