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Type Aberration
CR 9
Environment Any

Source: Alien Archive 3, pg(s). 136
Yithian elder
Type Aberration
CR 13
Environment Any

Source: Alien Archive 3, pg(s). 136
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Yithians, or the Great Race of Yith, are a highly intelligent species most famous for their ability to leap from body to body across time, something which they lost after the Gap; modern yithians are only capable of swapping minds with other creatures across space, not time.[1]


In their current cone-shaped bodies, yithians are around 10 feet tall and weigh nearly 2000 pounds.[1]


Yithians travel the galaxy with their mind swapping power, their use of techno-magical portals and the immense psychic power of their elders. They rarely build starships and prefer to make use of them by exchanging bodies with other creatures.[1]


Aeons ago, when their home planet was dying, the yithians cast their minds and souls into the bodies of a cone-shaped species, leaving them to die on the Great Race's doomed world. To the yithians, this act was necessary to preserve the Great Race, and they had little concern for the species whose bodies they now inhabit.[1]

From their new home, the yithians built magitech devices that allowed them to contact other minds across time and space, and created portals when they found a hospitable world. Golarion was one such world, and the yithians living there disappeared alongside the planet during the Gap.[1]

Yithians are particularly vexed and frightened by their memory loss during the Gap, but more importantly, they also lost their ability to move across time. Yithian scientists continue to research the cause of the Gap but realise that the answer might be beyond them.[1]


Yithian technology is advanced by the galaxy's standards. They prefer electricity weapons, including the storm coil, which is speculated to have been invented by them prior to the Gap, although their own version is boxy and made for their bodies. How the storm coil became widespread is another mystery of the Gap.[1]

Yithians are hunted by hounds of Tindalos, especially when yithians are borrowing bodies and even moreso if the mind swap lasts long, possibly because the act of mind swapping is offensive to the hounds of Tindalos. Yithians once attempted to mind swap with hounds of Tindalos, only to discover the futility and danger of doing so.[2]


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