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Class Bulk freighter
Manufacturer Pyre Fleetworks
Armament Gravity gun
Heavy laser cannon
Light plasma torpedo launcher
Power Core Nova Heavy
Drift Engine Signal Basic
Tier 8
Crew 30
Affiliation Efreet

Source: The Blind City, pg(s). Inside Front Covers

The Woebringer is a starship manufactured by the Plane of Fire-based Pyre Fleetworks. Designed to haul slaves, it sacrifices protection and speed for large cargo compartments filled with iron chains and docility fields to pacify slaves. Each Woebringer also holds two sealed environment chambers that can be used for multiple purposes, including as isolation chambers for belligerent slaves to suffocate to death. Because of this reason, rebellions are rare aboard Woebringers. Woebringers are rarely deployed to the front line, although their large cargo compartments can serve as (uncomfortable) quarters for soldiers on short journeys. Most of the time, the chains and docility field are removed for such a purpose, yet some captains keep them to remind soldiers of their fate if they fail. Crewmen aboard Woebringers are allowed to vent their frustrations on slaves and afforded particularly comfortable accommodations, especially officers, who have an entire wing for themselves to indulge in.[1]


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