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The Devourer

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The Devourer
Holy symbol of The Devourer
Titles The Star-Eater
Alignment Chaotic evil
Portfolio Black holes
Worshipers Akiton, Apostae, the Diaspora, Eox, Verces
Connections Devastator
Star shaman
Symbol Blood Accretion (black hole tinged with red)
Black dot or swirl
Images of The Devourer

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 485

The nameless, formless deity known as The Devourer or the Star-Eater is a primal force of entropy in the universe. The Devourer is concerned only with the obliteration of all reality, cannot be reasoned with, delayed, or halted, and it largely ignores even its own cultists. Its goal is to consume the entire Material Plane, leaving only an immeasurable void.[1]


Atrocites are the Devourer's horrific agents who sometimes appear to cells in order to reveal secret knowledge, give them specific missions, or lead their crusades. Since the Devourer can create nothing, atrocites have to borrow their appearance from other creatures, from common humanoids to squamous aberrations of the Dominion of the Black.[2]


The Cult of the Devourer is a widespread interstellar and interspecies organisation who wage an endless war to destroy all existence in the Devourer's name. It has no specific headquarters, acknowledged leader nor formal hierarchy, only a collection of scattered cells. Many members are are mere berserkers who revel in mayhem, although a few are surprisingly methodical, carefully planning and triggering calamities to maximise destruction. Devourer cults are banned on all civilised worlds, and usually operate on hidden asteroids or moons, or in itinerant fleets of starships that slaughter everything they encounter.[1][3]