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World Vesk-6
Region Caltenu Island
Population 2,187,428
Demographics 55% pahtra, 22% vesk, 23% other
Government Military
Alignment Neutral

Source: Near Space, pg(s). 55

Starlance is a magnetic space elevator, the second-largest city and only spaceport on Vesk-6.[1]


Starlance's terminus lies in orbit above Vesk-6, allowing starships to dock without having to enter the planet's dangerous magnetosphere. Magnetically shielded containers regularly travel along the tether between orbit and the anchor station, located on Caltenu Island in the Tideflight Ocean, near the north pole.[2][3]


Many pahtras who wish to leave their homeworld and almost all non-vesk visitors to Vesk-6 reside in Starlance. Unlike the austere Command 6 or the technologically-unstable pahtra settlements, Starlance is known for its luxury: eclectic storefronts, arcades, theatres, virtual reality cafés, and all kinds of hi-tech spectacles. Vesk residents frequent various massive gyms and spas to follow rigorous exercises so their bone density would not diminish in Vesk-6's low gravity.[2]