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Spaceport 5.1
World Vesk-5.1
Population 1,582,000
Demographics 64% vesk, 14% formian, 12% other
Government Military
Alignment Lawful evil

Source: Near Space, pg(s). 48

Spaceport 5.1 is the largest city in the Vesk-5 planetary system, located in a continent in the northern hemisphere of Vesk-5.1.[1]


Like most vesk cities, Spaceport 5.1 is both a military base and a civilian settlement. The Veskarium government tightly controls the Spaceport, and starships carrying illegal cargo or suspicious passengers are advised to avoid customs officers.[1]


Since Vesk-5 is off-limits to all civilians, Spaceport 5.1 serves as the centre of society in the Vesk-5 system. A thriving centre of economy and politics, diplomats and merchants see visiting Spaceport 5.1 as essential to getting in the Veskarium's good graces. Its entertainment district offers fine cuisine and shopping, and is frequented by wealthy executives and officers on leave from Command 5. Its criminal underbelly allegedly has tendrils across every venture in Vesk-5.1 but has always avoided prosecution from the Veskarium authorities.[1]