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Type Planet
Diameter 2x
Mass 4x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 309 days
Day length (PST) 52 hours
Inhabitants Ramiyels

Source: Huskworld, pg(s). 51

Ramiya is a fertile abundant planet in the Vast, home to the ramiyels. It is currently recovering from a Swarm invasion.[1]


Ramiya's surface is covered in layered rainforests dominated by sky-scraping trees, nourished by two suns.[1]


Decades after Triune revealed the Drift to the galaxy, ramiyel mystics had a collective vision of the Swarm's coming. Knowing that victory against the Swarm was impossible, the ramiyels collected samples of Ramiya's native species and fled to deep, secret refuges, hoping to reseed the planet after the Swarm left.[1]

For some unknown reason, the Swarm departed Ramiya before completely consuming the planet. When the ramiyels emerged, they found waterfalls thundering down cliffsides, shrubs growing among the roots of dead trees, open seas formerly covered by vegetation, and most notably strange ruins formerly hidden deep in impenetrable jungles. Comparing them to their own legends, the ramiyels discovered these ruins to be the abandoned homes of their lamyros Click this link to see if this article exists on PathfinderWiki. ancestors. Some ramiyels theorise that Ramiya was too abundant for the Swarm to fully consume, that they were repelled by the overwhelming power of life, or that their premature departure had something to do with the lamyros ruins.[1]


The only intelligent species of Ramiya is the ramiyels, a race of all-female, half-ophidian half-mammalian monstrous humanoids with a spiritual reverence for life. They have striven to rebuild Ramiya in the wake of the Swarm invasion, and some have left their home system in search of resources or due to curiosity. As Ramiya is on the path to recovery, the ramiyels have begun to explore the lamyros ruins, placing great value on skilled individuals or organisations who could provide expertise in archaeology.[1]


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