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Type Dwarf planet
Diameter 1/5x
Mass 1/200x
Gravity 1/10x
Atmosphere None
Year length (PST) 200 years
Day length (PST) 6 days
System Chuuva system
Satellites Gluun

Source: Huskworld, pg(s). 41

Rakmos is an ice ball caught in the orbit of Gluun, a dwarf planet at the fringe of the Chuuva system. It now exists in a binary system with Gluun.[1]


Tectonic stress induced by tidal forces between Gluun and Rakmos has caused the latter to develop an ocean of liquid methane and carbon monoxide deep underground. When the Swarm invaded the Chuuva system, they extracted most of Rakmos' ocean and life for use as food, fuel and biomass. Due to the loss of so much of Rakmos' mass, the tidal forces maintaining its orbit with Gluun have started to deteriorate, until Rakmos will crumble, raining ruin on Gluun.[1]


The intelligent eel-like rakmodois make their home in Rakmos' underground ocean. Most of them fell to the Swarm; some transferred their souls into construct bodies to survive, and have become single-minded in the defence of the ruins of Rakmos from any visitors. Another group sought to create a new home by taking water from the cold parts of the Plane of Water, only to invite ice elementals that killed many survivors and are now spreading their icy environment across Rakmos, threatening to destroy many rakmodoi relics.[1]


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