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New Valor
World Daimalko
Population 6,000
Demographics 80% damai, 6% human, 14% other
Government Council
Alignment Neutral good
Demonym New Valorites
Adjective New Valorite
Ruler Honara Tren and Zupisha Loralu

Source: Colossus Heist, pg(s). 7

New Valor is the most prominent settlement on the surface of Daimalko.[1]


For generations, the guardians who govern New Valor have kept their people safe by proactively hunting and chasing off or killing nearby colossi. All of the town's resources, from daily existence to research and development, are dedicated to this purpose, and outsiders who violate this policy are banned from New Valor. The New Valorites carefully track and record all colossi whose territory comes within 50 miles of the town.[1][2][3]


Due to the scarcity of settlements on Daimalko's surface, New Valor is almost completely self-sufficient and engages in little external relations. The people rely on themselves, and do not go out of their way to help visitors, most of them off-worlders landing in the spaceport of Point Embark looking for extreme hunting action.[2][4]

New Valor is famous for its four valkos, bi- and tripedal colossus-hunting that employ the most advanced weapons, tracking systems and cloaking devices on Daimalko. The New Valorites are very protective of these vehicles and only allow the most experienced pilots to control them.[1]