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Type Outsider
(aquatic, extraplanar, water)
CR 9
Environment Any (Plane of Water)

Source: Assault on the Crucible, pg(s). 55
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Marids are the most powerful and most capricious species of genie, native to the Plane of Water.[1]


The average marid is 16 feet tall and weighs 2500 pounds.[1]


Marids passionately pursue creativity and knowledge, both academic and artistic. Curious and outgoing, they enjoy others' company, and travel in search of experiences, audiences and philosophers; the Material Plane, particularly watery astronomical objects like Kalo-Mahoi, is a popular destination.[1]

Marids claim to be the rightful rulers of the Plane of Water, but are in truth divided into numerous disparate petty kingdoms. Violent conflict is rare, but so is cooperation between the individualistic marid monarchs. In order to rein in their whims, marids follow strong rules of hospitality, and have a tradition of rewarding those they find worthy. Other romantics and visionaries are the most likely to be granted wishes by marids, who are nonetheless careful of this power.[1]