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From StarfinderWiki
Type Outsider
(elemental, extraplanar, fire)
CR 3
Environment Any land (Plane of Fire)

Source: The Blind City, pg(s). 57
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Magmins are intelligent, humanoid-shaped elemental creatures native to the Plane of Fire.[1]


Magmins resemble humanoids made from fire and magma that stand 4 feet tall and weigh 300 pounds. Inside their body is a tiny, burning heart. When they die, magmins cool quickly, and cracking open a magmin corpse only reveals rock and sometimes a few gemstones.[1]


On the Plane of Fire, magmins build their settlements near the Material Plane, protected by pillars of magma that result from eruptions. Within these areas, many lava pools can be found, and magmins use them for numerous purposes, including cooking intruders to eat.[1]

Magmins usually cross to the Material Plane in places of immense heat. Their presence can disrupt magma flows and facilitate eruptions and earthquakes.[1]


Magmins are among the least powerful natives of the Plane of Fire, and are often forced to migrate as their more powerful neighbours push them out of their territory or annex it. Magmins are always suspicious of outsiders, who are usually bombarded with questions, and if the answers are not to the magmins' liking, they can quickly become aggressive, even when outmatched.[1]