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Lawless one
Type Outsider
(chaotic, extraplanar, incorporeal)
CR 12
Environment Any

Source: The Cradle Infestation, pg(s). 58

Lawless ones are little-known, construct-like outsiders that physically resemble inevitables, but whose goals are completely opposite of inevitables'.[1]


Lawless ones resemble phantasmal humanoids of spinning gears that brim with chaotic energy. When not attacking, they hide themselves by turning incorporeal and invisible.[1]


Lawless ones seek to subvert law, class structures and status quos by killing societal leaders. After striking, they vanish without a trace, leading many to believe that mundane assassins killed their victims. In 295 AG, an anon on a fringe infosphere community claimed that lawless ones were accidentally created when AbadarCorp tried to use blueprints stolen from Axis to create their own inevitables. The post was soon deleted and AbadarCorp executives have been constantly denying it, yet the rumour persists.[1]