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Type Planet
Diameter 9/10x
Mass 4/5x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 1 year
Day length (PST) 1 day
System Chuuva system

Source: Huskworld, pg(s). 40

Ilemchuuva is the third planet in the Chuuva system, and one of the largest shirren colonies before its destruction by the Swarm in 319 AG.[1]


Formerly a lush planet covered by stable flat plains with cool, consistent weather, few mountain ranges and plenty of resources, Ilemchuuva was devastated beyond recovery by the Swarm. It is now plagued by acid rains, extensive heavy metal contamination, and unprecedented tectonic activity.[1]

Ilemchuuva is orbited by the barren silicate moon Chatchamiq.[1]


In 6 AG, after passing through the Suskillon system, the shirrens who wished a whole solar system for themselves came across the hospitable but uninhabited Chuuva system. They saw Ilemchuuva as an ideal place for permanent settlement, and began settling it in 7 AG.[2]

In 64 AG, Ilemchuuva's government began authorising the exploration and colonisation of the galaxy in Drift-capable starships. This eventually led to the first contact between the shirrens and the Pact Worlds in 83 AG.[2]

In 319 AG, Ilemchuuva fell victim to a Swarm invasion. The Swarm wrought even more havoc than usual; when it departed, many components were left behind for an extended occupation to harvest everything possible from the planet. Pockets of resistance yet remain, seeking to avoid the Swarm's attention or drive them away and reclaim Ilemchuuva.[1][3]


Over the centuries, the shirrens built many huge cities across Ilemchuuva. Many other insectile species and settlers from the Pact Worlds and Veskarium have migrated to Ilemchuuva. The majority of the population have remained shirren, their influence has been a cornerstone of Ilemchuuvan culture, and Hylax has been the most popular deity.[1][3]


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