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Gideron Prime
Type Planet
Diameter 1x
Mass 1-1/4x
Gravity 1-1/4x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 302 days
Day length (PST) 25 hours
System Gideron system
Satellites Arasu, Alenku
Inhabitants Hobgoblins

Source: Near Space, pg(s). 82

Gideron Prime is the capital of the Gideron Authority, an expansionist hobgoblin military dictatorship in Near Space.[1]


The only habitable planet in the Gideron system, Gideron Prime is relatively cold, with large polar ice caps and sprawling jungles around the equator. It is orbited by two moons: Arasu, a spaceport, and Alenku, a shipyard.[1]


Recently, a coup in the capital city Linshu-Koto toppled Gideron Prime's elected ruling council and replaced it with a military junta, ostensibly because the council failed to protect citizens from Marixah Republic privateers. Calling itself the Gideron Authority, this regime has been aggressively pursuing expansionist ambitions, having annexed more than a dozen planets.[1]


Gideron Prime was settled by hobgoblins from Golarion during the Gap. Their new home's harsh conditions inspired the colonists to band together and value cooperation and discipline. Since the Gap ended, many more immigrants have come to Gideron Prime, especially during the past century.[1]


Gideron Prime has no native intelligent species. Hobgoblins, alongside their kanabo and ja noi kin, make up the majority of Gideron Prime's population and leadership; the rest are a mix of species originally from other parts of Near Space. Most of them have been living on Gideron Prime for generations, as the Authority has been carefully controlling immigration since its establishment.[1]

In Gideron Prime's polar regions, most animals are small and hibernate during winter, while plants grow explosively during the short summers. Equatorial organisms, like shinglebark trees and sopeterms, are usually gigantic, poisonous and have slow metabolisms.[1]