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World Vesk-7
Region Ulathaz
Population 12,400
Demographics 31% human, 24% android, 17% pahtra, 28% other
Government Democracy
Alignment Neutral good

Source: Near Space, pg(s). 60

Forget is a growing colony on the continent of Ulathaz on the Ice Sea of Vesk-7, home to those who wish to abandon their old lives.[1]


Forget's government is a democracy where citizens gather around computer screens to discuss and refine policies that everyone could be comfortable with. They pay nominal homage to the Veskarium but do not truly consider themselves part of it, even though vesk troops sometimes come to remind them. Crime in Forget is punished with exile, which almost always results in death from exposure for those who cannot make their way to Command 7.[1][2]

Forget is defended by a small volunteer militia. Although they have yet to come to blows with Veskarium peacekeepers, tensions are high when they encounter each other. Residents welcome experienced warriors to train the militia and diplomats to negotiate with the Veskarium, especially as Forget grows and its inhabitants consider independence.[2]


It is said that the city's name came from the response of its founder, the vesk Ahakoyo, when she was asked why she chose to come here:[1]

I forget.


Most of Forget's residents wish to leave their old lives behind and believe that if one follows the rules and contributes to society, one's past should be forgotten. Newcomers of most species are welcome, but treated with suspicion until they have proven themselves. Humans, androids and pahtras make up the majority of Forget's population. Recently, a herd of dromadas came to the colony and founded a secretive company called Impossible Exports. Few vesk live in Forget, and are often suspected of being Veskarium spies by the otherwise-friendly populace. No kothamas permanently reside in Forget, but a few individuals who frequent the colony are treated as honorary citizens.[1]