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Type Planet
Diameter 1x
Mass 1x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Breathable
Satellites Two moons
Inhabitants Ghibrani

Source: Yesteryear's Truth, pg(s). 3-15

Elytrio, the gibrani home world, is the fourth planet orbiting an unnamed sun in the Vast.[1] Two barren moons orbit the planet, referred to collectively as the Companions.[1]


The majority of Elytrio is a post-apocalyptic wasteland,[2] following a brief but deadly nuclear war between several forgotten ghibrani nation states.[1]


Elytrio only has one fully functional city, Arkeost, in the southern hemisphere.[2]


Elytrio is inhabited by ghibrani, a race of insectile humanoids.[1] Ghibrani are made up of two distinct subraces, the hardier and wingless "husks" as well as the thinner and winged "membranes".[1]

Elytrio and the Pact Worlds

Elytrio was discovered by the Pact Worlds when a Starfinder Society starship, the Unbounded Wayfarer[3], briefly charted the planet before being driven off by orbital defenses.[1]