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Conqueror's Forge
Type Space station
Diameter 2-1/2 milesx
Mass less than 1/100x
Gravity (artificial) 1x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 3 years
Day length (PST) 28 hours (artificial)
System Veskarium
Inhabitants Vesk

Source: Near Space, pg(s). 62
Conqueror's Forge
Population 82,000
Demographics 94% vesk, 4% skittermander, 2% other
Government Military autocracy
Alignment Lawful evil
Ruler Dantromal Kominar

Source: Near Space, pg(s). 65

Conqueror's Forge is a space station and shipyard where new technology, weapons and starships are designed for the army of the Veskarium. It is outfitted with powerful engines that allow it to travel throughout the Veskarium.[1]


Conqueror's Forge is a cylinder around 2.5 miles long. Huge solar arrays and three long Visitor Sectors extend from its forward end. The cylinder consists of an inner core, home to the command and control centre, and the outer shell containing shipyards and R&D modules. They are connected by a series of connecting arms, and the exterior is studded with numerous weapon emplacements.[2]

Conqueror's Forge (except the shipyards and Visitor Sectors) constantly rotates at a high rate, in order to emulate Vesk Prime's gravity without having to resort to artificial gravity which interferes with the delicate nature of the research.[2]

Conqueror's Forge moves with two banks of thrusters at both ends and numerous small thrusters along its length to assist with steering. Rumour has it that it is also outfitted with a Drift engine, but the truth is closely guarded.[2] Despite its bulk, Conqueror's Forge can move surprisingly quickly in battle. Hundreds of smaller ships surround Conqueror's Forge and can be deployed to defend it at all times.[3]


Conqueror's Forge has a strict chain of command, from High Despot Dantromal Kominar to the greenest soldier. The high despot has executive oversight on all projects and overall management, but delegates much work to his subordinates.[3]

Civilians on Conqueror's Forge go about their daily lives like normal, while also adhering to military decrees, like on any other Veskarium world.[3]


In 41 AG, after the planets of the Golarion system united under the Pact Worlds government against the Veskarium, the Council of Despots became concerned that the Veskarium's technology might fall behind that of the Pact Worlds, like how they missed Triune's Signal in 3 AG. Emperor Rakakama III thus decreed the construction of Conqueror's Forge, which was completed and named in 47 AG, after the vesk's patron deity Damoritosh. Conqueror's Forge was put in orbit around Vesk Prime and given the status of a core world.[1]

In 291 AG, the Swarm destroyed Conqueror's Forge in a surprise attack. When it was rebuilt, Conqueror's Forge was also retrofitted with new engines that would allow it to travel around the Veskarium. After the alliance between the Pact Worlds and the Veskarium pushed the Swarm out of their territory, the Council of Despots decided that they could benefit from selling the developments from Conqueror's Forge, and expanded it to facilitate trade.[1]


Most of Conqueror's Forge's inhabitants are vesk officers and scientists on official duty.[2] Each research module has several teams, who are allowed to initiate projects on their own; only rarely are teams ordered to switch projects or work on a specific one. When research is finished, production and assembly teams take over the responsibility. When not working, they spend time in the Recreation Sector or take shore leave on nearby planets.[3]

The rest of the vesk are civilian contractors who keep the station running. Non-vesk are rare on Conqueror's Forge; skittermanders make up the largest percentage among them, and aid the station staff with daily duties, especially cleaning and maintenance, without being officially employed.[2]

Visitors to Conqueror's Forge include guests, buyers and non-vesk consultants invited for their expertise. Most reside in the Visitor Sections, except for a few consultants with their own quarters in research modules.[3]