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Command Prime
World Vesk Prime
Population 130,506,000
Demographics 83% vesk, 8% skittermander, 5% pahtra, 4% other
Government Military dictatorship
Alignment Lawful evil
Ruler Vindaskayo Swarmripper

Source: Near Space, pg(s). 24

Command Prime is both the name of the capital and largest city of the Veskarium (colloquially called Prime), and the military base rising from its centre (colloquially called Command).[1]


Command Prime is located in the eastern part of the Central Veld, the vesk's ancestral homeland on Vesk Prime.[2][3]


Command is the official residence of the High Despot of Vesk Prime, currently Vindaskayo Swarmripper, and the Veskarium military's high command. From there, they carry out most of the empire's quotidian governance. The nearby Imperial Palace serves as the home of the emperor (when there is one) and the Veskarium's other high despots when they visit Vesk Prime.[1]


The capital city of the Veskarium, and a symbol of its strength and glory, Command Prime's long, straight avenues are laid out in a grid and lined with imposing governmental buildings, statues, memorials, museums and arenas. Important landmarks include the Cenotaph of the Fallen, the Grand Archives of the Veskarium, the Imperial Cemetery, the Imperial Palace and the Museum of Conquest. Underneath Command is a number of deep, shielded underground levels supposedly capable of withstanding orbital bombardment.[1]

Some of the Veskarium's most prestigious institutions of tertiary education are located in Command Prime, alongside a thriving community showcasing the culture of all species across the Veskarium. Due to its status as the Veskarium's largest spaceport, Command Prime is also a hub of diplomacy and commerce.[1]