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Command 4
World Vesk-4
Region Moonfall Plateau
Population 5,076,000
Demographics 71% vesk, 20% talphi, 9% other
Government Military autocracy
Alignment Lawful neutral
Ruler Kamilzanva

Source: Near Space, pg(s). 42

Command 4, also known as Moonfall, is the planetary capital of Vesk-4.[1]


Command 4 is located on Moonfall Plateau, a plateau west of the Wyskandi Range, formed from Vesk-4's collision with its largest moon, in its northern hemisphere.[2][3]


Vesk-4's high despot Kamilzanva governs the planet from the Dome, a dome-shaped structure made of starship-grade steel towering over the surrounding buildings in Vesk-4. It houses the high court and several ambassadors, including those from the Pact Worlds and the talphis. The Council of Labor reviews laws and addresses economic concerns under the high despot's supervision. High-profile trials and governmental meetings are official holidays, and citizens are encouraged to observe them.[1]


Command 4's buildings are uniformly made of steel, surrounded by interconnected mining facilities. Paved roadways serve mining convoys consisting of bulldozers, military transports and shipping containers. Its architecture is austere, and lacks green spaces. A spaceport is located in its eastern quadrant, turning Command 4 into a hub for commerce and space travel.[1][2]