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Command 3
World Vesk-3
Region Kavarit
Population 29,000,000
Demographics 43% vesk, 21% skittermander, 7% formian, 5% pahtra, 24% other
Government Military autocracy
Alignment Neutral
Ruler Teret Cahan
Leader Kayoko

Source: Near Space, pg(s). 37

Command 3 is the largest city and planetary capital of Vesk-3.[1]


Command 3 is located in the southeastern part of Kavarit, on a peninsula between the Basin Sea and the Triangle Sea.[2] Massive canals connect it to the nearby spaceport of Zayada.[3]


Teret Cahan, the only non-vesk high despot in the Veskarium and ruler of Vesk-3, governs the planet from Command 3. His authority does not extend far from the city, and the native skittermanders are mostly allowed to keep their autonomy.[4] Their interest in the capital is represented by Kayoko, although it is unclear if he was actually appointed as an ambassador or just assumed the role to be helpful. The government issues many edicts through him, although the skittermanders are too decentralised to listen to him often.[1][3]


Command 3 was built on the site where the vesk first landed when they began their conquest of Vesk-3.[1]


As it had to provide all services for the first colony, Command 3 has numerous large factories and power plants. Most of this infrastructure is dedicated to transferring Vesk-3's wealth to the rest of the empire. The city is layered, with the oldest, lowest level being home to criminals, the black market and squatters; newer layers grow in both height and sophistication. On the uppermost layer are governmental and military buildings inhabited almost entirely by vesk.[4][1] The skittermanders mostly go about their business and try to help, without caring if others want them to do so or not.[3]