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Command 2
World Vesk-2
Population 7,159,000
Demographics 58% ijtikri, 39% vesk, 3% other
Government Military autocracy
Alignment Lawful neutral
Ruler Blesnaya Sobok

Source: Near Space, pg(s). 30

Command 2 is the largest city and planetary capital of Vesk-2, and the large island on which it is located.[1]


Command 2 is located near the equator and offers rich experiences only available on Vesk-2. West of the city is a designated public park, while the rest of the island is forested and home to wild defrexes.[2]


Command 2 is the seat of the Veskarium government on Vesk-2 and home to High Despot Blesnaya Sobok. It also serves as the capital of one of the planet's seven administrative regions, which includes the restricted island of Trafodi and the protected Yiti Preserve. All visitors who wish to enter the wilds of Command 2 must file requests and acquire licences. Some areas of the island are laboratories and military test ranges forbidden to civilians and visitors.[2][1]


Surrounding Command 2's main military base are sprawling, well-planned suburbs stretching into the nearby shallow waters. Ijtikris make up the majority of the population and fill roles across the government, save at the top level of the military bureaucracy. Both vesk and ijtikri architecture are present, and some areas merge both, symbolising the harmony between vesk and natives. As it is Vesk-2's main spaceport, Command 2 is a cosmopolitan and peaceful city, bustling with all kinds of visitors.[2]