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Type Planet
Diameter 1-1/2x
Mass 2-1/4x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Variable
Year length (PST) 8 months
Day length (PST) 37 hours
System Suskillon system
Inhabitants Muneens

Source: Hive of Minds, pg(s). 62

Chonax is the magic-drenched second planet in the Suskillon system.[1]


Chonax's three large continents are covered in rugged hills, thick evergreen forests and swampy valleys, with temperatures ranging from temperate to freezing. Magical energies saturate Chonax with arcane radiation anathema to most visitors and cover most of the planet in a thick fog. The effects of this fog are unpredictable and can mix together, resulting in even more bizarre occurrences.[1]

These fog banks draw magical energies from large, permanent concentrations of magic known as loci, which warp the surrounding landscape depending on the energy they exude. Around a divination locus, one might see disconcerting but harmless images of past or future events. Evocation loci create bizarre, dangerous magical weather. Illusion loci strangely alter the landscape in a usually very telltale way, but can also be very subtle. Summoned creatures wander through and around conjuration loci. Near a transmutation locus, materials can spontaneously change in nature, shifting phases and sinking or burying creatures alive. Necromancy loci are few and far between.[1]

Around 289 AG, Chonax's wild storms of magic began to falter, rendering it a little less inhospitable to non-native creatures.[1]


Chonax's natives have adapted to the loci. All feed on magic to some extent: juveniles often grow on magic alone, and in lean times, all creatures can subsist on magic so they would not starve. Many are resistant to magic or connected to a specific school of magic; they spend most of their time migrating between loci they are attuned or resistant to, and as little time as possible in the mists between.[1]


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