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Bone trooper

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Bone trooper
Type Undead
CR 2+
Environment Any (Eox)

Source: Incident at Absalom Station, pg(s). 56
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Bone troopers, historically known as skeletal champions, are undead skeletons that retains intelligence from life. Most bone troopers encountered in the Pact Worlds system are elebrians from Eox affiliated with the Corpse Fleet.[1]


Bone troopers look like skeletons with coldly glowing eye sockets. They can wear clothing and use modern weapons.[1]

Becoming a bone trooper

Bone troopers can be raised from any intelligent individual that possesses a skeleton.[1]


Bone troopers are far more cunning than common mindless skeletons. They are quick and nimble, their bones are hard and durable, and cold does them no harm. The majority of bone troopers are soldiers, though they may specialise as operatives, technomancers or even mystics as well.[1]