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Absalom Station

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Absalom Station
Absalom Station
Type Space station
Orbits Sun
System Golarion System
Inhabitants Races formerly of Golarion
Organization Starfinder Society
Images of Absalom Station

Absalom Station is a sprawling, densely inhabited space station filling a similar orbit that the forgotten planet Golarion once held around its sun. Its inhabitants include races native to, or descended from natives of, Golarion, making the station the last relic of the lost planet remaining in the Golarion System.[1][2][3] The station is also a focal point of the galaxy due to its role in faster-than-light travel via the Drift.[3]

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Economy, trade, and travel

Absalom Station is a hub of intragalactic space travel[3] thanks to the Starstone, which serves as a mysterious but extremely powerful Drift beacon. Thanks to the Starstone, a ship with a Drift engine in Drift-accessible points of the galaxy can reach Absalom Station in less than a week, even if travel to any other location would take longer.[4]


The station is a neutral space for the Golarion System's inhabitants.[3]