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Abazobari family
Type Criminal family
Leader Grigal Abazobari and Sabatra Abazobari
Alignment Chaotic evil
Headquarters Vesk Prime
Goals Notoriety
Structure Familial

Source: Sun Divers, pg(s). 48

The Abazobaris are a vesk family who seek to establish their own notoriety through all means possible, including criminal ones.[1]


For many generations, the Abazobaris only held a moderate status in the Veskarium, never standing out despite their talents. Velatoresh Abazobari, mother of the current Abazobari leaders, was not satisfied with this and sought eternal fame for her family and her descendants to come, by all means possible: hiring assassins to take out more highly regarded vesk and students who overtook her children in school and bribing the Hammers to look away when an Abazobari committed a crime. Velatoresh's children, nieces and nephews were radicalised, instilled with a belief that the Abazobari blood was superior to that of anyone else, and a desire to coldly crush all inferior beings and leave behind an eternal legacy.[2]


The Abazobaris only wish for one thing: notoriety, and are willing to commit all kinds of crimes against the Veskarium to stay relevant.[1]


Since Velatoresh Abazobari died, the funds and activities of the family have been controlled by her children, who disagree on how to accomplish their mother's goal. The elder twins Grigal and Sabatra believe that they have to rebel against the Veskarium and die in a blaze of glory; their name would thus be remembered and shunned for generations. Their youngest sister Trintivya instead wish for the family to abandon criminal activities and fight for the Veskarium, earning their fame through talent alone. Other family members have been gradually forming groups around each sibling's ideology, and conflict is likely.[1]


The only people even allowed to know the Abazobaris' workings are family members and their spouses. In order to do their dirty work, the Abazobaris employ non-vesk mercenaries, whom they see as expendable and inferior, too stupid to understand vesk customs or their family's machinations. They refrain from hiring vesk, as a particularly patriotic one might report them to the authorities.[1]


The Abazobaris' estate, located on Vesk Prime, has been turned into a fortress, where young Abazobaris are home schooled and trained in combat from the age of 5.[1]


The Abazobaris have made enemies of numerous other vesk families as well as from outside the empire, due to their eccentric, smug history. Many rivals suspect that they are bribing the authorities or hiring assassins, but have yet to prove it.[1]


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